5 Steps to Strengthen Your Intuition

5 Steps to Strengthen Intuition

I consider intuitive living to be one of the pillars necessary for living a Nourish + Shine Life. What does intuitive living mean? Living intuitively means listening to, trusting and acting on our inner wisdom.

Accessing our intuition regularly (also known as our inner voice or inner wisdom) helps us to tune in to what our bodies, our minds and our spirits crave so that we feel healthy, happy and fulfilled. It brings more clarity, ease, intention and purpose into our lives.

Our intuition knows what’s best for us and it is always there guiding us, but if we aren’t used to accessing our intuition sometimes it can be hard to hear that guidance. In a society that values intellect over intuition, many of us have become disconnected from our inner voice after years of ignoring or silencing it.

I’m sure you can probably remember a time when your intuition did kick in and give you a message, whether loud or subtle. Maybe you randomly thought of an old friend and later that day she called you out of the blue. Or maybe you felt a distinct urge to switch lanes while driving, allowing you to narrowly miss getting hit. Maybe in the middle of a crisis you experienced a profound feeling that everything was going to be OK. All of these examples are your intuition at work, coming through in different ways.

It’s easy to dismiss our intuitive nudges as coincidence, but sometimes our experiences are just a little too specific or too significant to be coincidence, right?

Intuition comes in many forms: words, images, feelings, hunches….It’s not about fortune telling, it’s about guidance and support. And we don’t have to wait for those flash insights to occur, we can access our intuition regularly. That’s what intuitive living is all about!

Here are 5 steps to help you strengthen your intuition:

1. Connect with your intuition daily.

Start a daily practice to help you reconnect to your inner voice. This could be a meditation practice (try the Daily Nourish + Shine meditation from my Nourish + Shine Meditation Album!), daily journaling or guided visualization. It doesn’t matter so much what you do to connect to your intuition; what matters more is that you get quiet consistently so that you can start to recognize and hear your own inner voice again.

2. Cut the noise.

Most of us are living in a constant information and sensory overload. Between Netflix and social media, do you ever give yourself a chance to just be quiet with yourself? For most of us, in fact, it feels weird and uncomfortable to sit quietly. But if you want to hear your intuition, you’re going to have to unplug…at least some of the time.

It’s also important to stop asking everyone around you for advice. With social media at our fingertips, it can be a hard habit to break. Try starting with one day where you only look to yourself for answers about any questions you have or decisions you need to make. Then continue this exercise for a week, a month, and beyond. You know what’s best for you!

3. Experiment to find an outlet.

Because your intuition may speak to you in images, feelings or even sensations in your body, it’s important that you experiment with various ways to access your intuition. Meditation and visualization are great for receiving images, feelings, nudges, and body sensations. Automatic writing can be really helpful for people who love to read and write. You can even try intuitive art if you love to get creative! (My Wise You Workshop takes you through my favorite tools & exercises to access your intuition.)

Whatever method you choose, set an intention before beginning to access your intuition and ask to receive guidance on a specific question or topic. Then write, draw, visualize, dance, or just sit quietly and pay attention to what comes through.

4. Keep an intuitive journal.

As you experiment with #3, be sure to keep a journal of your progress. Note any messages, feelings or sensations that come up. Pay attention to which outlets feel effortless and which feel heavy. Write everything down, even if it doesn’t make any sense at the time.

It can be really helpful to go back and read old journal entries. Often, we can’t make sense of what our intuition is telling us at the time, but in hindsight, we can see and understand the message loud and clear.

When we can start to see the value in what our intuition is telling us through our past journal entries, we’ll be more likely to trust and apply what comes up in future sessions!

5. Act on your intuition.

There’s no better way to strengthen — and trust — your intuition than to act on it. Start with small things, like deciding which way to take to work or what to eat for lunch. Connect with your heart space and ask for guidance, then go with the first hunch or thought that you get. Slowly build up to bigger decisions and changes in your life.

It also really helps to keep a journal as I mentioned in the previous step and keep note of the actions and decisions you make based on your intuitive guidance. This will help you to see the bigger picture of how you’re being guided.

Your inner guidance won’t stop whispering to you.

“Follow your intuition, listening to your dreams, your inner voice to guide you.” Quote by Katori HallThankfully, whether we listen or not, or take action or not, our inner wisdom is always there, whispering and waiting for us. When we’re ready to connect, our intuition will be ready to help. Reconnecting to your intuition is a personal journey and ultimately it’s about exploration and finding your own way.

When you set the intention to connect, your intuition will come through, just have patience and release any expectations about what it will look like.

You know more than you think — you just need to find a way to listen.

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