Feeling unfulfilled in your job or business? This could be the reason!

Feeling unfulfilled in your job or business? This could be the reason!I still remember sitting at my desk, coffee in hand, checking my e-mail for the hundredth time, wondering if this was it. It wasn’t that I hated my job. My job was OK, my coworkers were great and it definitely paid the bills. But for the first 10 years of my working life, I felt like something was missing.

There was a little voice inside of me saying, this isn’t it….this isn’t quite right…there’s something more.

At first, I thought I was just in the wrong job, so I would pour over job ads and jump into a new job. But, a few months later, that little nagging feeling would be back.

My friends told me it was normal: I would get used to going to work everyday, plus no one really loves their job anyway. But while I got that no one loves every second on the job, I couldn’t help but notice a few of my coworkers who seemed to love what they were doing.

It was as if the work they did truly lit up something within them. I seemed to be missing that spark. 

What I didn’t know then was that the little voice telling me there was something more was right.

But the answer wasn’t that simple. It wasn’t just about finding the right job. It was about finding alignment. It was about aligning my inner world and my outer world. In other words, creating a life that matched who I was on the inside.

If you can relate to this story and you’re feeling unfulfilled in your job or business, alignment could be the reason!

What does alignment really mean?

We all have gifts and characteristics that are unique to us. I like to call it your soul personality because these are the traits you were born with. Your soul personality is who you are at your core, if you remove all of the roles you try to play or the layers you’ve put up over time. Underneath these layers is your true self: your divine self, your inherent gifts, your purpose.

When you’re living in alignment to your true self, you feel fulfilled, like you’re living your purpose. When you’re out of alignment, your feel like something is off, like something is missing.

Aligning your inner and outer world means finding ways to let your true self shine.

For example, if you’re a natural communicator, you need to find a career that lets you speak or write on a daily basis. If you’re a healer, you need to be working intimately with others. If you’re an artist, you need to be creating art.

That part seems fairly obvious, although you’d be surprised how many people deny their greatest gifts! But it goes even deeper than that. At your core, you also have certain values that you hold. You might value truth, community, creative expression, independence….and this needs to be taken into consideration too.

To add yet another layer, your soul may be tugging at you to explore a specific experience or theme too. I’ve seen in my Divine You readings that often we come here with an intention to explore one or two themes over the course of our lives.

All of this contributes to whether you feel aligned in your life and consequently whether you feel fulfilled, content and even passionate about your daily life.

So how do you move into alignment when you feel unclear, stuck or unsure where to even start?

You begin by listening. Pay attention to that little voice inside of you. Pay attention to the whispers that tell you, this isn’t quite right. Pay attention to what lights you up and what frustrates you. These are the breadcrumbs that will lead you to alignment.

It can also help to journal, talk with a friend or work with a coach or mentor who can help you see what you might be missing. If you’ve felt stuck for quite a while, it can be hard to step outside of your current situation and see a broader perspective.

This is the area that I shine in. I can peer into your soul personality and help you see where your life isn’t in alignment with your true self. I would love to help you with this process. I’ll be opening up enrollment for my new coaching program, Into Alignment, soon. You can get on the waiting list to find out all the details here. <3

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