Why it’s OK to look outside of ourselves for guidance

Why it’s OK to look outside of ourselves for guidance

The title of this blog post may be a bit surprising coming from me, because I’m always going on about how important it is to tap into your own inner wisdom.

I completely believe that building a life we love starts by going within.

But here’s the thing — sometimes we still need external help, guidance and support.

Sometimes we need another person’s insights, outlook or perspective on our life. Especially when we’re just starting to reconnect with our inner Wise Self, it can be a very confusing time.

If you’ve been working on living more authentically, intuitively and intentionally, but you still feel confused or unclear, then this is for you….

Here are three big ways that seeking external guidance can help you live intuitively & intentionally:

1. It gives you a starting point when you’re lacking clarity.

It can be tough to know where to start when you’re feeling confused, stuck or just plain unclear! There’s lots of exercises you can do to help you find clarity, tune in to your desires , and get un-stuck, but sometimes the best solution is to just talk it out with someone.

Whether it’s a close friend, therapist, or coach, talking about your situation can help you narrow down where you need to make changes or at least where you can start moving forward. Once you have that starting point, you can tune in to your intuition for the next steps.

I can’t tell you how helpful it was for me to have mentors and coaches to talk to when I felt unclear about my purpose in life or what I actually wanted. They were critical at a time when I felt like I was just floundering in confusion. You don’t have to figure it all out alone!

2. It brings accountability.

There’s no pressure to live up to your intentions if no one knows about them! Letting people into your life and sharing your intentions, makes them real. And sometimes, you also get that little dose of reality that might be needed if you’ve spent way too much time in your head.

Maybe you haven’t thought of how you’re actually going to accomplish your goals…and like the saying says, often two heads are better than one.

There have been countless times that a good friend has helped me see new opportunities when I felt stuck, or that a coach reminded me of what I was capable of and then held me accountable to actually take the necessary steps. Step out of your comfort zone and dare to share your dreams!

3. It helps you trust your intuition.

When you first start accessing your intuition, it can be difficult to trust the inner guidance you receive. Working with a coach or getting an intuitive reading can give you the much needed reassurance and validation that the inner guidance you’ve been receiving is valid and that you’re on the right track.

Getting intuitive readings was absolutely a critical part of strengthening my own intuition! I was able to get so much validation that my intuition was indeed coming through when I received intuitive readings that confirmed what my intuition was saying.

There is nothing wrong with wanting validation and confirmation. It can be so valuable!

Where should you seek external guidance?

I think it’s necessary to mention that who we look to for external guidance is extremely important. Posting a question on Facebook is not going to be helpful unless you’re looking for tickets to an event or the best place to find craft supplies!

When it comes to matters of your heart, intimacy & trust are important.

Only seek guidance from someone you trust to have your best interests in mind. Remember that even when someone has our best interests in mind, they are still coming from their own stories and beliefs. Always keep that in the back of your mind, and remember that ultimately, your instincts should always be trusted above anyone else’s advice.

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