2018 Oracle Card Reading

2018 Oracle Card Reading

It’s become a tradition for me to do a full oracle card reading at the end of December for the year ahead. This reading is more in depth than my regular monthly readings. It’s a great way to get an overview of what’s coming, where I need to grow, expand and focus my energy.

As you probably know, I love using oracle cards as a way to tap into my intuition. For me, using oracle cards is not about predicting the future….instead, it’s a tool to help me tune in to my world — both internally and externally. It’s a fun way to get a glimpse of where I’m at and what’s coming up!

I’m sharing my 2018 reading with you again this year, because we are all affected by the overall energy around us. When we zoom out, many of us are experiencing similar challenges and opportunities. Our personal journeys within that larger frame will of course be unique, but it can be helpful to get a feel for the overall energies that are affecting us.

For my yearly oracle card reading, I’m using my own tarot spread and requested guidance on the following areas:

  1. Opening message for 2018
  2. Challenges to overcome
  3. Lessons to learn
  4. Support needed
  5. Personal growth
  6. Relationships
  7. Career & finance
  8. Well being

I used The Psychic Tarot oracle deck by John Holland for anyone who is interested.

2018 Oracle Card Reading

1. Opening Message for 2018
Card: Rest & Rejuvenate

As you enter into the new year, you may feel like you need a little more time to rest and recover before jumping into action. You might also have some additional healing that has to happen in order to process everything that you learned and experienced in 2017. If so, be sure to honour your own needs. Take time to journal and daydream. What do you want to bring into 2018? Who do you want to become?

Overall, I get a sense that we will spend a lot of time on personal and inner growth in 2018. Last year, you started to uncover who you truly are and what you truly want, and now that those seeds are planted, it’s time to nurture them and help them grow.

In order to do that, you need to start with a strong foundation. Rest and self-care are essential because nothing can grow if the foundation is depleted. Remember that although society can make you feel like you need to reach certain milestones on a specific timeline, your soul doesn’t see it that way at all. There is no rush. The only timeline that matters is yours. Listen to the whispers of your inner Wise Self above all.

2. Challenges to overcome
Card: Fulfillment of Wishes

This year, the biggest barrier to achieving abundance, joy and fulfillment will be YOU.

What if everything you desire could be yours? What if everything you desire was coming to you easily and effortlessly? Would you be open to receiving it?

Before you say yes, stop to really consider this question. Are you open to receiving what you’ve been asking for? Do you feel worthy? Do you feel capable? Do you feel ready?

If not, what do you need to let go of, accept, heal or forgive in order to feel ready to receive abundance, joy & fulfillment? Your dreams are not random — they are whispers from your soul — which means that you are more than worthy to receive them. Carry this belief with you as you move into 2018.

3. Lessons to learn
Card: Intuition

The Intuition card is a major arcana card which means this lesson is critically important! Now is the time to pay attention to your intuition!

Your intuition is how your Wise Self communicates with you. In this time of information overload, it’s more important than ever to make time to listen. It can be hard to hear your intuition over all of the noise — whether it’s in the news, on social media, or even from your friends, family or community.

This year, make communicating with your Wise Self a priority and part of your daily or weekly routine. Find what works for you, whether it’s visualization, meditation, journaling or something else.

What would it be like if you stopped asking everyone around you for advice and started listening to your own? What if you stopped looking for validation outside of yourself and started looking within? What if you stopped searching for answers and started listening to your Wise Self. Everything you need is within you.

4. Support needed
Card: Temptation

The Temptation card is another major arcana card, which means another critically important message! The Temptation card is all about addictions and self-sabotaging behaviours, which means when it comes to needing support, we have to be very careful of where we’re getting it. We’re also being called to face our shadow this year.

You may be tempted to overeat, overdrink, overmedicate, overshop, etc., as a way of dealing with tension and overwhelm this year. Most of us default to some kind of numbing behaviour when things get rough. This card is reminding us that there are healthier ways to get support.

First and foremost, tuning in to your intuition (as the previous card suggests) will help you to better understand yourself and your needs, so that you can nurture and care for yourself in a way that is healthy and helpful.

Second, begin to notice what you turn to when you feel stressed out, burned out and overwhelmed. If you notice harmful behaviour, get help! Ask yourself what would feel truly nourishing at times when you feel depleted. Bring in self awareness and self compassion. It’s not about judging your behaviour, it’s about being aware of it so that you can do what feels good instead.

Finally, find a true support system–both internally and externally. Build your own toolbox of self-care practices that you can turn to that will help you process your thoughts and emotions and make you feel grounded. Surround yourself with people who care about you, who are willing to listen without judgement and who can help you see your own light.

5. Personal Growth
Card: Fertility

Another major arcana card, the Fertility card is about growth and the divine feminine. As I mentioned at the beginning of this reading, this year is about nurturing and caring for the seeds that have already been planted.

Although we live in a traditionally masculine world, things are shifting and people are recognizing the importance of bringing in feminine energy. This energy is about love and compassion. It’s about showing up with kindness and gentle strength. It’s about noticing and nurturing the good within all of us. Because this card has shown up under Personal Growth, then it’s critically important to show yourself love, compassion, kindness and strength.

2018 is all about personal growth. You will be moving into a new version of yourself and crossing into uncharted territory in your life. In reality, the person you are becoming is already within you. You are simply peeling back all that is not yours, all the beliefs that don’t belong to you, in order to reveal your true inner self.

This process of revealing and remembering your true self is essential to experiencing abundance and fulfillment this year. It’s the thread that weaves this whole reading together. It all starts with you. You are so much stronger, wiser and capable than you believe. And this year, you’ll see a glimpse of it and hopefully start to believe it for yourself!

6. Relationships
Card: Partnerships and Alliances

2018 will be a great year for forming new friendships and relationships. Because of the inner work you’ll be doing, you’ll be attracting new people into your life who are ready and capable of meeting you where you’re at and supporting you in moving forward.

Watch for synchronicities, new opportunities and new people coming into your life. Keep an open mind around new people and new relationships. You’re growing and changing, which means your relationships will too.

Remember that the key to relationships is that they must work for both parties. Just like the card Partnerships and Alliances suggests, there must be an even exchange for both people. It must be a true partnership. You must want the best for the other person and receive that in return. Your relationships will mirror your relationship with yourself, so always extend the same compassion and respect to yourself as you would to others, and as you wish to receive.

7. Career & Finance
Card: Base Chakra

The Base Chakra is all about safety, security and belonging. When this chakra is unbalanced, you’ll feel scattered, anxious, fearful and isolated, and this will show up negatively in your career and in your finances. Instead, you want to make sure that your physical needs are met — that you have a comfortable place to live, clean water to drink, nourishing food, movement and lots of rest — so that you can feel grounded and present and ready to make a contribution.

The Base Chakra card is reminding you that you need to start from the bottom and work your way up. As I talked about, this year is about strengthening your foundation and nurturing the seeds that have been planted. This applies to your career and finances too. From this place of feeling strong, grounded, nourished and purposeful, you’ll be able to build a thriving career and experience more abundance.

As you know, job security is an illusion and financial security can seem equally uncertain, so it’s important to find that sense of security within yourself and within a community that cares about you.

As you head into 2018, ask yourself whether you feel grounded, present and physically strong. If not, what do you need to do to nourish yourself? Next, ask yourself what would make you feel safe and secure. Are you taking necessary steps to feel financially secure? Do you have supportive people around you? Finally, ask yourself whether your career fosters a sense of belonging and purpose. If not, what needs to change to make that happen? How can you feel more purposeful in your career this year?

8. Well being
Card: Mental Conflict

This year, one of the best ways that you can support yourself is through a supportive mindset. Don’t let the spiral of self-doubt derail you.

You can use your thoughts to turn a challenge into an opportunity… or into a mountain. You can use your thoughts to show yourself compassion…or to beat yourself up. You can use your thoughts to expect the best…or the worst.

I’m not talking about ignoring problems or being positive all the time. I’m talking about your intentions and your belief in yourself. I’m talking about allowing yourself to make mistakes because you’re human. I’m talking about forgiving and giving others the benefit of the doubt because they’re human (while setting and sticking to boundaries that feel right to you.) I’m talking about trusting your instincts and making a decision instead of staying paralyzed in fear and negative chatter. And I’m talking about getting support when you’re struggling to do any of this.

You can be your biggest support or your worst enemy. Your mind matters more than any circumstance that will come your way this year. Use it to your advantage!

Overall thoughts heading into 2018

There are some big themes that have come up in this year’s reading: listening to your intuition, facing your shadows, and lots of personal growth!

On a practical note, there are some things you can implement right away and make part of your routine in order to experience more ease and flow this year. This includes lots of self-care: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Take time to rest. Take time to nurture your dreams. And take time to listen to your Wise Self.

You will be asked to step up this year and step into new experiences. At times, it will feel like too much of a stretch, but trust that you have what you need within you. There will be some growing pains, but ultimately, you will grow into the person you need to be. You will shed the layers that are holding you back. You will speak more of your own truth. You will shine a little brighter.

Growth is never easy, never straightforward, never predictable, but always worth it.

I hope that you will choose yourself this year. Choose to pull back the layers and be authentic. Choose to shine. <3


**As always, this reading is strictly informational and for your reading pleasure! It is not meant to be used as any sort of professional advice! Always listen to your own inner guidance!  🙂

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