2019 Oracle Card Reading

2019 Oracle Card ReadingIt’s become a tradition for me to do a full oracle card reading at the end of December for the year ahead. This reading is more in depth than my regular monthly readings. It’s a great way to get an overview of what’s coming, where I need to grow, expand and focus my energy.

As you probably know, I love using oracle cards as a way to tap into my intuition. For me, using oracle cards is not about predicting the future….instead, it’s a tool to help me tune in to my world — both internally and externally. It’s a fun way to get a glimpse of where I’m at and what’s coming up!

I’m sharing my 2019 reading with you again this year, because we are all affected by the overall energy around us. When we zoom out, many of us are experiencing similar challenges and opportunities. Our personal journeys within that larger frame will of course be unique, but it can be helpful to get a feel for the overall energies that are affecting us.

For my yearly oracle card reading, I’m using my own tarot spread and requested guidance on the following areas:

  1. Opening message for 2018
  2. Challenges to overcome
  3. Lessons to learn
  4. Support needed
  5. Personal growth
  6. Relationships
  7. Career & finance
  8. Well being

I used The Psychic Tarot oracle deck by John Holland for anyone who is interested.

2019 Oracle Card Reading

CARD: Patience

There’s nothing like starting a reading for the entire year, with high hopes and excitement for the year ahead, and getting an opening card like Patience. What?!

As we’re all trying to make plans and forge ahead towards our goals, our inner voices are whispering: slow down.

When I do this yearly reading, I pull all of the cards and lay them out in my spread first, before sitting down to write my interpretation of the cards. So although I was a bit shocked (and maybe a touch disappointed) when I pulled the Patience card as the opening message, seeing it within the entire reading, it makes sense. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way by the time you’re finished reading.

The Patience card was also one of only two major arcana cards in the reading, which means this is a theme that will be highlighted in a big way throughout the year.

My interpretation of the Patience card is not simply that we have to sit back and “wait” this year. Instead, it’s that we have to take our time and embrace divine timing. We have to open to the idea that we aren’t always (if ever) in control of our circumstances. We really only have control of our reaction and perception of the circumstances we face.

I also feel that there’s another layer to this message of patience. Last year turned out to be quite an introspective year for many of us, full of personal growth, and I feel like the energy is shifting out of that and into more of an energy of collaboration.

I believe we’re being called to work together more in order to move forward personally. This year will not so much be about powering through to reach your individual goals (and if you try this it might not work out so well!) but instead, growing together.

This means more listening, more sharing, more collaborating, more lifting each other up. This takes more time (hence needing patience) but the result is a much stronger and more fulfilling foundation. I hope that we’ll see this theme reflected on a global scale too.

CARD: Love Begins

The biggest challenges we’ll face this year will be emotional ones. We have an opportunity for some amazing growth and nurturing relationships this year, but in order to really experience them fully, we need to let go of the past.

This year we have a opportunity to truly forgive ourselves and others who have caused us grief. You may feel resistant to the idea of forgiveness and that’s OK. But ultimately, forgiveness doesn’t mean saying someone or something was right. It simply means allowing yourself to have peace about the past.

This is especially important when it comes to your own mistakes and imperfections. We’re often most critical of ourselves. It’s important to take responsibility for yourself, but also to acknowledge that you’re human and mistakes are part of life.

I believe we’ve put a lot of emphasis over the last few years on “fixing” the problems in the world, but we haven’t put enough emphasis on healing ourselves. You can make a much bigger impact in the world when you’re coming from an emotionally healthy place.

Give yourself the gift of releasing the past so that you can have a true fresh start this year.

CARD: Memories of Love

You might find yourself taking a trip down memory lane at many points throughout the year. This might come from pleasant memories that make you smile, as well as a few memories that maybe you’d rather forget.

You may find some lessons from the past are resurfacing. Rather than dwelling on the choices that were made at that time, consider what you’ve learned from those lessons. They may be resurfacing not to make you feel bad, but to help you make better choices this time around.

In fact, one of the major lessons that I believe we’ll be learning this year is about how to deal with our past in a healthy way. Your past has shaped who you are, but it does not define you or determine your future. Your past has helped you grow and evolve into the person you are now, but it does not need to drive your future actions.

You can use the memories of your past to remind yourself of how much you’ve grown, including the knowledge, wisdom and strength that you’ve gained.

Again, the way you perceive your past will shape your future–and your perception of the past is one of those rare things that we have control of!

CARD: Recognition & Reward

Most of us feel a desire to be recognized for the work we do. After all, we’re taught to look for recognition from the moment we’re born and all through our early years. We applaud when toddlers take their first steps, and when our kids read their first sentences and bring home an A on their report cards.

There’s nothing wrong with being encouraging of course, but we should be spending as much time applauding the effort, the resourcefulness, and the resilience, as the result.

As adults, we have to learn to unravel some of this conditioning. No one is going to give you a gold star if you brush your teeth, keep your room clean…or get a promotion!

And yet, most of us live like people are constantly watching us and judging us. We worry when people stop by and see dishes in the sink. We wonder what people might think if they see us at the grocery store in our sweat pants or catch us in a moment of overwhelm.

But what are we truly worried about? Why are we constantly seeking approval from others? Why are we still unconsciously trying to get “gold stars” from everyone around us?

This year, it’s time to shed that outdated way of thinking. You don’t need to look to others for approval any more than they need to look to you for approval. It’s not someone else’s job to make you feel good, and it’s not your job to make them feel good either. I think most of us have learned by now that feeling good is an inside job.

This year, focus on surrounding yourself with people who love and accept you as you are. Remember that they are human too and show them compassion when they don’t meet your expectations. Even better, question those expectations! Question your fear of judgment! Peel back the layers and remind yourself that the only person who needs to approve of you is YOU. You need to have your own back this year!

CARD: Conflict & Defeat

When it comes to personal growth this year, the way you think will determine your rate of growth. This is definitely a theme this year! There’s no doubt that what you choose to focus on has a huge effect on your experience of life in general.

As the saying goes, what you focus on expands. This is true whether you focus on the positive or the negative. When you intentionally go looking for the positive and expect to meet great people and have amazing experiences, you do! When you expect the worse, that’s typically what you see.

Of course, sometimes we’re surprised and don’t get what we expect, but overall your experience tends to reflect what you believe to be true about life.

It’s possible that you might be feeling a little beaten down by what life has thrown at you over the past year. In fact, you might be feeling like it’s really hard to stay positive. And if that’s the case, it’s ok!

The reminder here is not that life should be always positive (it’s not and never will be!) or even that you need to try to stay positive. That’s just not possible, nor is it actually desirable.

Instead, the reminder is to question your thinking. To ask yourself if your thoughts are actually true and whether they are serving you. Contrary to what most people think, you do have a lot of control over your thoughts. Allow your thoughts to support you rather than hold you back or tear you down!

CARD: Wisdom

The Wisdom card is the second major arcana card of this reading, indicating that relationships will be highlighted this year. The Wisdom card is all about learning: learning from others as well as sharing what we’ve learned.

Last year was such an introspective year, that I think it will be a breath of fresh air to start getting out and about in the world again! It’s time to rekindle some of those relationships that maybe got brushed aside while you were consumed with your own stuff over the past several months. You might find that you really missed interacting with other people! (Even all of us introverts!)

There are seasons for going within and seasons for getting out there in the world. As I mentioned at the beginning of this reading, I believe we’re being called to work together more and that further personal growth will be a result of collaboration. You’ve gone as far as you can on your own, and now it’s time to grow in a new way.

It might be a bit uncomfortable at first, especially if you’ve been embracing your inner hermit. But I promise, if you get out there and interact with people, you will be happy you did! Dare to open up, be a little vulnerable and extend the compassion that you wish to receive to others.

Ultimately, we all have a lot that we can learn from each other, if we’re willing to be open-minded and listen. You’ll probably find that most of us have more in common with each other than you might think!

CARD: Passion Ignited

The Passion Ignited card is a fantastic card to start the year with! It’s all about new beginnings, new ideas and renewed excitement when it comes to your career!

Jump on that new year energy and use it to set some new goals for yourself that you can start working towards right away.

After all of the internal work that you’ve done over the past year, don’t be surprised if you have a newfound clarity around the work you feel called to do. That sense of purpose has taken root and is now taking form. It’s almost like a seedling beginning to break through the topsoil. You can see it but you’re not fully sure what it will become yet. Don’t worry, it will become more and more clear the more you nurture it and take those steps forward!

As you continue to listen to your inner voice and act on that inner wisdom, you’ll receive more clarity. You don’t have to make big leaps, baby steps will do! Trust yourself, follow your passions, and have patience as everything unfolds (as the first card suggested).

CARD: Accelerated Motion

Our final card, which speaks to our overall well being is Accelerated Motion. This is another great card to end the reading with. Although we will require some patience this year, especially at the beginning of the year, things will start to pick up speed. We will finally start to see the results we’ve been waiting for.

The key message from this card is that you must be in alignment with what you’re trying to create. If you’re swimming upstream, you’re going to struggle more than you need to. This year doesn’t have to be about struggle!

Instead, you’ve got to take everything that you learned about yourself last year and start living from that new empowered place. Know who you are, do what feels right for you, listen to your intuition, share your journey with others and have compassion for yourself through it all.

Remember that you chose this life and this path. So don’t fight what is–think flow & alignment.

Some good questions to ask yourself: How can I flow through this circumstance. How can I feel alignment in this situation? What would feel good for me? What support do I need right now?

The more you can move into alignment, the better you’ll feel and the quicker you’ll begin to build the life you desire.


Overall, I feel that this is a really positive reading, even with the Patience card there kicking things off! 😉

I hope that you can feel the hope and excitement in this reading too. I also hope that you can now see how all of these cards (and their messages) fit together, from changing the way we perceive the past, to adjusting and questioning our thoughts, to seeking community and learning from others, to being our own biggest cheerleader!

One of the biggest messages that seems to be present in all of my readings is that although we might not be able to control what life throws our way, we can shape our experience of life by being intentional about the way we perceive it.

You can choose the lens with which to view your life: compassion, encouragement, fun, excitement, curiosity, joy, peace, warmth, love, courage, adventure…the choice is yours.

To me, this is such an empowering way to go through life! I hope it is just as empowering for you. What lens will you choose for 2019?  <3

**As always, this reading is strictly informational and for your reading pleasure! It is not meant to be used as any sort of professional advice! Always listen to your own inner guidance!

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