3 tips to help you get the most out of your affirmations (plus my favorite new tool!)

How to get the most out of your affirmations (plus my favorite new tool)

My work is centered around intuitive + intentional living. In other words, connecting with your intuition and taking action from that place.

My belief is that in order to change the world around you, you have to start by making changes within you.

One of my favorite tools that I find so helpful and that I am always recommending (and using myself!) is affirmations. Affirmations help to reinforce your intentions so that what you intend can become your reality.

Through affirmations, your intentions become cemented into your mind, until they eventually become your beliefs. When you change your beliefs, that ripples out and creates amazing changes in your life.

I have shared different ideas on my blog and with my clients for how to incorporate affirmations into your daily life (because writing them out once is not enough!) but I recently came across a tool that has made this so much easier. A friend introduced me to the Think Up app and I loved it right from the start. Not only is it a way to bring affirmations into your everyday life, but you get to record your own affirmations, or ones that are provided, in your own voice! This is taking affirmations to a whole new level!

I have been using the Think Up app almost every day. It’s super easy because it will remind you on your phone to use it. Once you set it up and record your affirmations, all you have to do is listen. I prefer to listen to the at night, just before bed, but you could totally listen in the morning as part of your morning routine too.

Hearing my own words in my mind has made my affirmations so much more powerful. Sometimes my affirmations will pop into my head randomly throughout the day, so I know they are sinking in.

3 Tips to help you get the most out of your affirmations

1. Pick one or two areas to focus on.

Really connect with your heart and ask yourself what is most important to you. If you could change anything, what would it be. Go with your initial instincts and choose one or two areas of your life that you would like to improve and focus on those. You can always revisit this once things start to improve in that area.

2. Make it believable.

You want to make sure that your affirmations feel believable and possible for you. Think about the area you want to improve and ask yourself what the next step would be. What do you want to experience in that area of your life. Write that down as if it already happened. Baby steps are just fine!

3. Listen to your affirmations daily.

This is where the Think Up app is so handy. It makes it so easy to incorporate your affirmations into your daily life. Choose when you want to listen to them. I suggest first thing in the morning when you wake up or right before you go to sleep. Because you get to record them in your own voice, you can make them sound really energetic and upbeat if you want to do them in the morning, or mellow and relaxing if you want to do them in the evening.

I’m thrilled to be partnering with the lovely people at Think Up to bring you some special affirmations that I created just for you!

Because I believe that creating amazing changes in your life starts by going within, I started by creating affirmations that would help me to feel connected to my intuition and strengthen that connection.

As I mentioned, it’s really important for me that my affirmations feel believable. You can always record new ones as you begin to change your beliefs. Because of this, I created a series of affirmations that you can use at different points on your intuitive living journey. You can choose the ones that you feel most connected to!

Affirmations for intuitive living

Everyday my connection to my intuition strengthens.

I am open to what my inner voice is whispering to me.

It is safe for me to listen to my intuition.

Everyday I am becoming more and more comfortable listening to my inner voice.

I recognize the wisdom, strength and compassion that is within me.

I am grateful for the immense wisdom within me.

I am grateful for the clarity I find when I listen to my intuition.

I make decisions easily and intentionally. I trust my heart to guide me.

I receive guidance from my intuition with ease.

My intuition is my inner compass, guiding my actions.

I am connected to a source of love and inspiration beyond my wildest imagination.

I have the courage to follow my inner wisdom.

I courageously walk the path that my inner voice whispers.

I am building the life of my dreams from the inside out.

I am fully connected to my intuition and completely aligned to my purpose.


You can find these affirmations, plus many more by downloading the Think Up app!

I’ve also rounded up some additional resources for you if you want to learn more about how to write effective affirmations and incorporate them into your life!

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  • I’ve never heard of this app before, but I’ll have to look for it! I’m always trying to bring more intention and purpose into my everyday life and starting the day with positive affirmations sounds like a great way to kick start the morning. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    • Absolutely Charlotte! It’s super simple, but such a nice addition to a morning or evening routine. And how cool is it that you get to listen to them in your own voice, right?

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