5 mistakes you could be making when connecting to your intuition

5 mistakes you could be making when connecting to your intuition


I’ve written about how to strengthen your intuition before, but today I want to shed some light on the common mistakes you could be making when connecting to & strengthening your intuition.

Now I’m a big believer that there is no right or wrong way to access your intuition and that your experience connecting to your intuition will be unique.

That being said, there are some common mistakes that you could be making as you work on strengthening your intuition that cause the process to not only take longer, but also create way more frustration than necessary.

If you’ve felt frustrated or discouraged as you begin to tap into your intuition, then you might be making one of these mistakes. Don’t worry, I’ll also share what to do instead!


5 mistakes you could be making when connecting to your intuition

Mistake #1: Not believing in your ability to connect to your intuition.


If you want to accurately tap into your intuition, you must first believe that it’s possible! You have to know and trust that deep within you is a source of wisdom that goes way beyond your logical mind.

We all have the ability to tap into our inner wisdom (aka our intuition). It’s not only for those people who were born “psychic” or who have some special gift. We all were born with a connection to our intuition.

Some of us do have to reignite and strengthen that connection, however, especially if we’ve ignored our intuition for years. You wouldn’t attempt to run a marathon if you hadn’t actually gone for a run since grade school, right?

Trust that you are connected to your intuition, even if right now that connection feels rusty! With practice, it will become more and more natural.


Mistake #2: Not trusting the first response you get from your intuition.


Raise your hand if you’ve asked your intuition a question (maybe by pulling an Oracle card, or doing some automatic writing) and you didn’t like the answer….so you asked again!

I used to do this all the time when I was first starting to work with my intuition. I would tell myself, “No, I must have made a mistake, that can’t be right.” I was always questioning the guidance I received. Unfortunately, this just made me feel even more confused than I was before.

My intuition strengthened dramatically when I stopped questioning and started trusting. I made a commitment to myself to only ask a question once and then trust the answers I received from my intuition, no matter what. It takes practice to trust your intuition, but it makes all the difference.


Mistake #3: Not knowing the difference between your ego and your intuition.


One of the most difficult parts of reconnecting with your intuition is knowing when you’re receiving intuitive guidance and when it’s your mind or ego popping in.

For example, let’s say you’re having a conversation with a friend about your relationship with your partner. You explain to her that you feel like your partner is spending less and less time with you and whenever you bring it up he seems distant and just dismisses your concerns. After hearing your story, your friend lovingly suggests that maybe you’re the one who’s not being clear about what you want and that you could be equally contributing to the breakdown in your relationship.

A little voice inside of you screams, “No! It’s definitely not me, it’s him!” You feel hurt and upset that she would even suggest that it could be you.

Later that night when considering your friend’s comments, you ask your intuition if she could be right. Again, a little voice screams, “No way!”. Obviously your intuition is telling you she’s wrong, right?

Well, not necessarily. When you’re filled with emotion, it can be hard to access your intuition. Your feelings are hurt, you’re feel defensive, possibly angry and betrayed. You’re still upset by the whole situation…. All of this can get in the way of accessing your true inner wisdom. It’s much more likely in this situation that it’s your ego talking.

My go-to solution? Try to stay as neutral as possible. Be curious, instead of looking for confirmation to support whatever you think you already know. If you receive guidance and you’re not sure whether it’s intuition or ego, ask yourself if there’s emotion involved. Other than in extreme situations, intuitive guidance is neutral.

If you’re feeling emotional, give yourself some time to process it. Journal about your feelings or talk to a friend. Then, when you feel ready, check in again. Sometimes we need some distance from a challenging situation before we can truly tap into our intuition.


Mistake #4: Not paying attention to your own way of receiving intuitive guidance.


Are you clairvoyant? Claircognizant? Empathic? We all have our own ways of tapping into our intuition.

You don’t have to know the formal terms for the different types of intuitive guidance, you only need to know what works best for you. Here are a few clues:

Do you prefer writing down your thoughts? If so, you might receive information best through writing or journalling. Try automatic writing!

Do you prefer to talk with someone about your challenges, goals and dreams? If so, you might receive information verbally. Try asking a question out loud and then get quiet and listen. You might actually hear a word or phrase, or you might have a word pop into your mind.

Are you more of a visual person? You could try a visualization exercise to connect to your intuition. Or you could try Oracle cards and practice interpreting the messages based on the card images.

Keep experimenting to see what feel easiest for you!


Mistake #5: Not having patience with yourself or the process.


Connecting with your intuition takes time and practice. Unfortunately, there’s no way around that. As I mentioned above, the biggest piece that requires practice and patience is your own ability to trust yourself and your intuition.

Your intuition’s always been there. But accessing it regularly is something new and trusting this new process is what takes time!

I believe that taking baby steps is always the best way to go. Don’t start out by asking your intuition to help you with an important decision, like what house you should buy. Instead, tune in throughout the day for all kinds of little decisions.

At breakfast, ask your inner wise self what would most nourish your body. Then follow through and make that breakfast. Later, ask your intuition what kind of exercise or movement would feel good, or ask if there’s a friend that you should contact. Listening and acting on these small intuitive nudges will make it easier to trust your intuition, especially as you move on to bigger questions.

Remember that your own intuitive process will take time to develop and it will be unique to you. (So there’s no point comparing your intuitive journey with anyone else’s!) Connecting to your intuition is a process of exploring what works for you, so have fun with it! <3   Download your copy of 3 Questions to Find Clarity About Your Life Purpose (And why it isn’t what you think!)