August 2018 Oracle Card Reading

August 2018 Oracle Card ReadingA new month is here and that means it’s time to shuffle my oracle cards and see what’s coming our way! As you probably know, I don’t use these readings to try to predict the future. Instead, my goal is to get some guidance around how we can best navigate the month from a broader perspective.

I also share weekly oracle card readings in the Nourish + Shine Facebook group.

This month, I pulled 4 cards to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the overall theme for the month?
  2. What do we need to invite into our lives (what do we need more of) so that we can thrive this month?
  3. What do we need to let go of (what do we need less of) so that we can thrive this month?
  4. Is there any additional guidance that can help us this month.

(If you’re interested, I used The Psychic Tarot oracle deck by John Holland.)


Solar Plexus Card


Card: Solar Plexus Card

We’re kicking things off this month with the Solar Plexus card. The solar plexus is all about self-confidence, self-esteem and personal power. August is all about remembering your worth and trusting that everything you need is already within you!

2018 has been a bit of a challenging year so far…there’s been lots of ups and downs and a LOT of inner work. It’s likely that whatever goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year have not only not happened, but are also not even relevant anymore. #hellochange

You’ve probably been questioning a lot of things in your life over the last few months. But the Solar Plexus Card is your reminder that there’s one thing you don’t have to question: your inner Wise Self!

Trust that you will receive and hear the guidance you need. Trust that you have the answers within you. Trust that you have what it takes to receive the desires you’ve been holding in your heart.

Dig deep this month and find that source of personal power within you. It’s there and it’s ready to be activated!

Suffering in Silence


Card: Suffering in Silence

It’s likely that you’ve felt a bit introverted over the last few months. You’ve been experiencing a lot of inner change, which has led to you questioning a lot of your beliefs. It’s quite possible that you don’t even feel like the same person that you were at the beginning of the year. This has led to you feeling somewhat uncomfortable in your own skin at times and it’s been hard to relate to other people in your life.

The good news is that you’re beginning to come out the other side of this period of questioning and uncertainty. You’re starting to feel a little clearer about who you are and what you want. (You just need to fully trust it now…hence the Solar Plexus card that we started out with!)

The Suffering in Silence card is a reminder to reach out for support and welcome change! It’s time to come out of your cocoon and start opening up again.

Invite more clarity into your life by asking yourself: what do you want to believe now? What kind of values and beliefs do you want to welcome into your life? Who do you want to become? What kind of support do you need to reach your goals? You’re ready for it!

Passion Ignited Card


Card: Passion Ignited

Continuing on that theme of welcoming in change and fueling your self-confidence, we have the Passion Ignited card, reminding you to let go of old outdated beliefs so that you can move fully towards whatever is lighting your spirit on fire! Notice the tie-in to the solar plexus on the image of this card? That’s a strong solar plexus!

It’s time to finally let go of whatever doesn’t light you up. (Disclaimer: this doesn’t mean you should aim for happiness 24/7! Happiness isn’t the goal. Fulfillment and alignment is what we’re aiming for. This means focusing on what fills you up!)

If you’re not quite sure what your passion is, then it’s time to experiment. What has your heart been whispering lately? Is there something you’ve been thinking about trying but you keep putting it off? Go ahead and try something new. Get out and get busy!

Don’t worry about getting it right or having everything figured out. Just follow your curiosity!

Transformation Card


Card: Transformation

We’re ending the month with a major arcana card, Transformation. If you’ve been following my readings over the past few months, you’ll know that this card makes total sense. Back in June, we ended with the Sacrifice card, and I mentioned that the Sacrifice card comes right before the Transformation card in the Psychic Tarot deck and that we were headed for major internal transformation. Then, in July, we ended with the New Beginnings card, signifying the start of our transformation. And now, in August, we’re in the thick of change!

These have all been major arcana cards, pointing towards significant inner change. I’m sure you’ve been feeling it! And with our theme being the Solar Plexus Chakra this month, it’s important that you start working towards embodying this change.

You’ve been doing a lot of internal work over the past several months….in fact, as I’ve mentioned, you’ve been going through some significant inner transformation for most of 2018, especially since March. And you’re not done with it yet, but you’re starting to resurface on the other side.

It’s so important that you trust yourself and your personal path right now — this will help you move forward with confidence. Trust that your inner Wise Self is guiding you and that you have what it takes within you to reach your goals.

Your attitude is what will make all the difference this month (and going forward).  You don’t have to have all the answers. You just have to keep following those inner nudges and taking steps forward. Stay curious and trust in your own wisdom!

The overall message this month is go forward with confidence! It’s time to embody the change that you’ve been dreaming of! You are more than worthy and more than capable of living the vision you have for yourself…but it starts with being 100% on board and fully believing it’s possible for you. If you don’t back yourself, who will?  <3


**As always, this reading is strictly informational and for your reading pleasure! It is not meant to be used as any sort of professional advice! Always listen to your own inner guidance!  🙂

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