Divine You: Soul Clarity Reading

You are a divine being! It’s time to remember who you really are.

You were born with a unique combination of gifts and preferences, full of potential, and ready for your unique human experience.

As a child, you freely expressed who you were without hesitation. But at some point, you were told that you were too…

{loud/ quiet/ honest/ intense/ reserved/ smart/ naive/ curious/ emotional/ busy/ slow/ shy}

…and you started to withdraw parts of yourself and hide them away.

Most of us arrive into adulthood feeling pretty disconnected from our true divine self, after years of being told how we should show up in the world.


Divine You Soul Clarity Reading
You might even feel like on some level, you don’t truly know yourself.


If you’re feeling…

  • unclear about who you are and what you should be doing,
  • uncertain about whether you’re living your life purpose (or what that even means!),
  • unfulfilled, like something is missing in your life,

…then you’re not alone! (And nothing is wrong with you!)

What you need is the clarity and validation that comes from knowing yourself at a deeper level, and the confidence to start living from that place. Part of you desperately wants to feel free to be who you are — no hiding, no apologies.


Because deep down, you know that who you are on the inside is no accident. You are not too much of anything. You are a divine being!

Life flows a lot better and feels a lot more fulfilling when we are being true to our own divine nature.


Divine You: Soul Clarity Reading

As a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner® I can help you find clarity about who you are at soul-level.

-Your Divine Gift-

By tuning into your soul’s energy, I can identify your primary soul gift — your divine gift — that you bring to the world. It’s in knowing yourself at this level and expressing your primary gift that you will feel like you’re truly living your purpose.

-Your Soul Preferences-

In addition, I will tune into your soul preferences and characteristics so that you can have a deeper understanding of who you are. Get ready for a whole new level of understanding and acceptance of yourself!

-Aligning Your Life-

Finally, I can provide you with some tips and suggestions around how to best express your gifts and how to align your life with your divine self. Remember, the more you are in alignment with your divine nature, the more flow and abundance you will experience and the more fulfilled you will feel!


After your Divine You: Soul Clarity Reading, you will…

  • know your primary soul gift and how it relates to your life purpose (and finally get the validation you need so that you can stop searching for answers!),
  • recognize how your soul preferences and characteristics have an effect on your past and present life,
  • understand how you can move your life into more alignment with who you are at soul-level so that you can experience more flow and fulfillment.

The Divine You: Soul Clarity Reading is not a typical psychic reading…it’s so much more than that. It’s not about fortune-telling, it’s about coming home to who you are deep within you and understanding how that ripples out into your life.


Sandee Jackson TestimonialI had been in counseling for several months, still not really getting the clarity I needed. I felt like I was on the right track, but I wasn’t sure, and I felt like I was hopelessly looking for direction. After a conversation with Michelle, she suggested I let her do a Divine You: Soul Clarity Reading. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but I was curious about it, so I agreed.
When Michelle shared the reading with me, I cried tears of joy! The results confirmed what I thought was true about what I should be doing, and hearing it was like a hug from the Universe. Parts of the reading contained some fairly personal information, and Michelle was kind, professional, and sensitive in telling me about it. My Soul Clarity Reading was validation that I was on the right track with both my business and personal pursuits, which gave me a newfound confidence in my work and life. I’m so happy I agreed to it!”
Sandee Jackson, Digital Strategist

The Divine You: Soul Clarity Reading exceeded my expectations and then some. It was just great and felt like someone was listening and encouraging me to do what I’ve been hearing within myself for a longtime. Strangely enough the day or two before the reading I had a thought that came to me which was I need to develop my relationship with trust. I need to learn to trust again and amazingly that came up in the reading.” – D.P.

I think the best way to describe myself, prior to reaching out to Michelle was, stuck.. I couldn’t seem to get the edge I needed to take my life in a new direction. I had seen some of Michelle’s material on Facebook and felt connected to it, but it was the emails I received each Sunday evening which really spoke to me and summed how I was feeling up! Since reaching out to Michelle I am not saying that my life is transformed, it’s more that I feel a greater understanding of myself and this has allowed a lot of my negative emotions to have less of an impact, which quite frankly, is a huge relief! I am really grateful to Michelle for that and feel there will be a lot more to come as a result and as I continue to utilise her materials. The Divine You Soul Clarity Reading was astounding… and I highly recommend!!” – Lauren Wilkinson

Are you ready to uncover your Divine Self?

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**Disclaimer: As always, this reading is informational and is not meant to replace professional advice of any kind. Always listen to your own inner guidance.