Did you know the secret to feeling fulfilled and living your purpose is alignment?

That’s right! The more you can bring your outer world into alignment with your inner world, the better you’ll feel!

You know that nagging feeling, deep down, telling you something is off… It’s whispering that something is missing…that there’s something more for you.

That little voice inside of you is right.

And maybe now is the time to actually start listening. Because it’s not going away anytime soon, no matter how much you ignore it or try to stuff it down.

I know that little voice very well and I can tell you from experience, the whispers will only get louder.

Into Alignment Coaching Program

Maybe you’ve tried reading self-help books or taking personal development courses, but nothing provided lasting clarity. Maybe you’ve even hired a coach before, but you didn’t get the results you were hoping for.

That’s because we all have our own unique soul blueprint.

Someone else’s system isn’t going to cut it. If you don’t know yourself deeply — at soul level — you’re going to spend way too much time on trial and error. You’ll set goals that you’ll never meet. You’ll try business strategies that fall flat. You’ll force yourself into situations that don’t feel good because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do.

After going through all of this myself, I knew that I wanted to help others who felt just as stuck as I once did.

I wanted to go beyond the usual coaching tools and exercises and create a coaching program that took into consideration your unique soul blueprint. I’ve found the best way to do this is to combine Akashic Records readings (to validate who you are at soul-level so that you can work with your unique blueprint instead of against it), Intuitive Tarot Readings (to provide guidance + confirm intuitive instructions you’re already receiving) and coaching (to provide personal support, feedback and encouragement.)

Into Alignment is a 3 month coaching program where I’ll work closely with you to help you uncover your soul blueprint + learn powerful tools that will help you align your outer world with your inner world.


Here’s what we’ll cover…

In Month 1 we’ll explore your Soul Blueprint + Life Purpose through understanding your divine gifts, your soul personality, any themes your soul is currently exploring, and your current soul calling. You’ll receive a Live Your Purpose Activation Meditation and a Divine You: Soul Clarity Reading.

In Month 2, we’ll explore alignment through action by uncovering what specific actions you need to take to bring your life into alignment, as well as begin to embody your current soul theme/calling. You’ll receive a comprehensive Soul Goals Reading, plus my Clarity Toolkit that you can use again and again whenever you feel stuck.

In Month 3, we’ll bust through any blocks that you’re facing or that have come up for you over the last 2 months. We’ll explore how to release what’s holding you back at all levels, as well as tools you can use to keep moving forward and create lasting change. You’ll receive a Block Busting Breakthrough Reading + Toolkit that you can continue using after we finish working together.

Each month you’ll receive all the materials for that month (workbooks, PDFs, audios, etc.) + a private coaching call with me + access to me between calls via e-mail for any questions that might come up!

Into Alignment Coaching Program

Into Alignment will help you go from…

* Feeling like something is missing in your life
* Always questioning your decisions or next steps
* Being unfulfilled in your career or business
* Having trouble finding your purpose and connecting to your true self
* Trying to create the life you think you should have
* Constantly feeling stuck or confused


* Feeling whole and complete
* Making decisions with clarity and confidence
* Using your soul gifts to your advantage in your career or business
* Understanding your unique soul blueprint and purpose
* Confidently creating a life that feels good to you
* Having a toolbox that you can refer to any time you need clarity

~ Investment ~

Join into Alignment for $499/month.

(For a total of 3 months)

Enrollment is open now! Apply below!

Michelle Kirsch

Michelle Kirsch, Transformational Coach

As a certified Transformational Coach & Soul Realignment Practitioner, I work with clients who want to live a life that feels good from the inside out.

I invite you to join me for Into Alignment, a coaching program that will help you uncover who you really are and what you’re meant to do, so that you can begin to shift your life into alignment with your true purpose.

I want to help you redefine what success means to you so that you can start seeing the stepping stones in front of you that will move you in that direction.

I would be honored to be your guide through this process, sharing everything I’ve learned over the past 10 years as I explored my own purpose.


How is Into Alignment different from regular coaching?

Into Alignment is a 3 month intuitive coaching package. It’s more structured than regular life coaching because it focuses on creating alignment with your life purpose. It also includes several intuitive tarot and Akashic records readings to help you better understand your soul blueprint + purpose.

What is an Akashic records reading?

When I do an Akashic records reading, I tune into the energetic imprint of your soul in order to read your soul’s purpose and gifts. It might sound a little woo-woo (it did to me too at first) but it was receiving one of these readings myself that allowed me to finally stop searching for my purpose. I had been working on my intuition for years, and this reading was completely different from anything I’d ever received.  Reading the Akashic records is not a typical psychic reading…it’s so much more than that. It’s not about fortune-telling, it’s about coming home to who you are deep within you and understanding how that ripples out into your life.

Can I just have the readings without the coaching?

If you’re not ready for coaching, I suggest starting with a Divine You: Soul Clarity Reading. This is a great place to start if you’re looking for validation about your purpose. The other readings included in this program are only available to clients at this time.


How do the coaching calls work?

Once you sign up for Into Alignment, you’ll receive a private link to my coaching calendar where you can book your coaching calls. Schedule spots are typically available between Monday-Friday 10am-2pm MDT. You will schedule 1 call per month at your convenience. At the scheduled time, we’ll both hop on the phone, Skype or Zoom (your preference) for our session. During the call, we can discuss the content/exercises that you received that month in the program, celebrate wins, reflect on challenges, share ideas, get feedback, ask questions or talk about anything else that has come up!

What if I have a question between coaching calls?

E-mail support is included between coaching sessions for any questions that come up!

What if your coaching schedule doesn’t work for me?

Feel free to e-mail me with any concerns about your schedule. I’m open to creating a flexible program for you. If our time zones don’t work at all, we can also discuss coaching over e-mail rather than on the phone/Skype.

I’m not sure if Into Alignment is right for me?

Feel free to e-mail me and share your situation. I’ll respond to you personally and I’ll be happy to tell you honestly if this program is the right fit or if something else would work better for you. I want you to be completely comfortable when you enroll in this program (or any of my programs!) We can also hop on a quick call to talk about the program and answer any questions. Click here to book a Clarity Session.


Enrollment is open now! Apply below!