Nourish + Shine Meditation Album

What if you could feel relaxed instead of stressed?

At peace instead of overwhelmed?

Intentional and inspired instead of scattered?

Nourishing your body, mind & spirit is key to feeling calm & balanced.

I want to help you feel nourished by sharing my favorite tool: guided meditation!

I’ve been creating 3 Minute Meditations for my community for a couple of years now and the response has been amazing. Now, I’m excited to be able to offer a full meditation album for those who would like to go deeper.

I created the Nourish + Shine Meditation Album to be a meditation toolbox that will help you live an intentional & joyful life! This is the meditation album that I wish I had when I first started meditating. It covers all of the basics and beyond!

Each meditation was designed to assist you in feeling nourished from the inside out, throughout the various seasons of your life.

Whether you need some quick stress relief (try Nourish & Go) or you’re struggling with a decision (try Shining Decisions) or you’re looking for a great daily meditation (try Daily Nourish & Shine) this album has you covered!

The Nourish + Shine Meditation Album includes the following guided meditations & visualizations:

  1. Good Morning | 4:15
    The perfect way to start your day! Listen to the Good Morning meditation to help you wake up with intention and start your day from a positive place.
  2. Daily Nourish & Shine | 8:30
    Experience the benefits of daily meditation with this calming meditation meant to nourish your body, mind & spirit.
  3. Nourish & Go | 4:00
    A powerful meditation for when you are short on time, but need to unplug and release stress.
  4. Good Night | 5:00
    The perfect end to your day. Take a few moments to reflect on your day and prepare for replenishing rest.
  5. Balance & Restore | 15:30
    A great weekly balancing meditation. It can also be used during times of extra stress or illness.
  6. Shining Decisions |  8:30
    This meditation will guide you through a process for making decisions intuitively from your heart.
  7. Shine On Lovingkindness | 20:00
    A meditation of love for troubled times. We are not powerless — the world needs more light and love!

Meditation Album

You’ll receive 7 MP3 files as an instant download that you can listen to anywhere — on your phone, computer, tablet, or laptop — whenever you need them!

For years I made meditation this hard, complicated, thing. Thinking I had to do it for a long time in order for it to be effective… and it’s just not true! Michelle, your meditations have made it possible for me to meditate not just in the morning, but at night also, which is something I NEVER did before because I thought I didn’t have time. Thank you for making it super easy for me to get still. I am beyond grateful!” – Stacey H.

Your meditations are powerful! They’re my most centered and relaxed time of the day and really help me get into the right mindset. Thank you!” – Jen C.

Your guided meditations brought me back from a major derailment, allowing new opportunities to find me. I am feeling passionate about my business again and am excited about what’s on the horizon.” – Erin I.

Listen to a 60 second sample of the Daily Nourish & Shine meditation:


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