Meditation for Clarity (When you can’t see the next step)

Meditation for clarity when you can't see the next stepA few days ago as I was doing a short meditation, I had a spark of inspiration to write and record a meditation to share with you!

I believe that many of us are being called towards our purpose right now, but it’s not a straightforward process. This calling is showing up in a number of ways: frustration with our current situation, confusion about what we want, uncertainty & fear, procrastination, a feeling that something is off, or a little voice inside you whispering that there’s something more.

The problem is that for most of us, although we feel this internal calling, the vision for what we desire is still out of focus. We can’t see the big picture and that lack of clarity is keeping us stuck.

If this sounds like you, then know that you’re not alone! I was inspired to record this meditation for you, to help you see the next steps that will bring you more alignment, ease and flow in your life.

Remember that you don’t have to have all the answers and you don’t have to see the whole picture. (That kind of clarity is rare!) Instead, you can just start moving towards what feels good, and as you do the next steps will begin to appear. Baby steps are perfect–no need to turn your life upside down.  😉

Give this meditation a try and see what comes up for you! Feel free to share your experience in the Nourish + Shine Facebook group!


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