November 2018 Oracle Card Reading

November 2018 Oracle Card ReadingA new month is here and that means it’s time to shuffle my oracle cards and see what’s coming our way! As you probably know, I don’t use these readings to try to predict the future. Instead, my goal is to get some guidance around how we can best navigate the month from a broader perspective.

I also share weekly oracle card readings in the Nourish + Shine Facebook group.

This month, I pulled 4 cards to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the overall theme for the month?
  2. What do we need to invite into our lives (what do we need more of) so that we can thrive this month?
  3. What do we need to let go of (what do we need less of) so that we can thrive this month?
  4. Is there any additional guidance that can help us this month.

(If you’re interested, I used The Psychic Tarot oracle deck by John Holland.)


November 2018 Oracle Card Reading


Card: Discontent & Boredom

We’re kicking off the month of November with an interesting card, Discontent & Boredom. While this may not seem like a positive card, the message I’m getting here is that you might be feeling discontent about one or more area of your life, as well as a little restless to create some changes, almost like you’re stuck in a transitional space.

It could be that you feel like you’ve been putting in a lot of effort over the last few months (possibly since the start of the year) and things just aren’t moving as quickly as you’d hoped. You’ve seen some progress, but not nearly as much as you thought you would at this point.

There may be a feeling coming up for you that you’re ready for this year (and this stage of your life) to be over. You’re ready to finally move past this energy that’s keeping you stuck and this can feel draining.

You’re likely very aware that things are shifting for you — one door is closing and another is in the process of opening — but you just want to get it done already! I get it! Have patience…there’s an aspect of divine timing here working behind the scenes. Things are beginning to shift. Watch for signs & synchronicities that are guiding you, giving you little nudges and pointing the way, as well as reassuring you that change is on the way!

November 2018 Oracle Card Reading


Card: Passion Ignited

The Passion Ignited card at this point in the reading is reminding us that we are in control of our feelings around our current situation. You’re able to switch from feeling unsure and scared about change, to feeling excited and hopeful about your future.

Although you might be feeling discontent and restless as the last card suggested, you can take control of the situation and change your mindset. Welcome whatever new ideas are coming your way and get excited about the new doors that are opening for you — even if you’re not sure what’s on the other side yet.

If you can sense that little glimmer of hope and optimism within you, grab on to it! You can ignite and feed your passion by giving it focus and attention. Even if you’re not totally clear on what your passion is, follow the ideas and nudges you’re getting right now. Give them your attention and focus. Get excited about the future! Do what you need to do to nurture your dreams and feel positive about the opportunities ahead of you!

November 2018 Oracle Card Reading


Card: New Beginnings

The New Beginnings card is the very first card in the deck and a clear message that change is on the way! There’s just one catch: we must be willing to let go of the past.

Letting go is difficult because even when your current reality isn’t great, it’s still familiar. And familiar feels safe. Change means something new is coming, and to our minds, that feels scary and unknown — certainly not safe!

If change is what you want, you must help to comfort your mind. Have compassion for the part of you that is hanging on. It’s only trying to protect you. But try to reassure yourself that you have been through a lot and you can handle whatever change is coming. Not only that, but change can be good! It can bring the new opportunities that you’ve been dreaming of — if you’re willing to make space in your life for them.

Reflect on what’s not longer working for you in your life and ask yourself if you’re truly ready to let go. What are you still holding on to? What are you clinging to in an attempt to feel safe? Is it time to finally let that go? Only you can decide.

November 2018 Oracle Card Reading


Card: Deception & Envy

This final card offers some additional guidance as you move forward and things begin to shift for you. Remember that things are not always as they seem.

Be open to receiving help, but remember that ultimately you are responsible for your life and your choices. No one owes you anything. People are often wrapped up in their own needs and may let you down. If you keep this in mind, you’ll be more likely to avoid difficult situations.

Also be aware of any thoughts that might be deceiving you. Are you comparing yourself to others and wondering why they have it so easy? Do you find yourself envious when opportunities tend to fall into their laps while you’re struggling? Remember that the way people appear on social media and even in regular conversations, is not always the full story. Put the focus back on your own journey and remind yourself that everyone’s path looks different.

Finally, be open to the idea that sometimes things don’t work out exactly the way you think they will….but that doesn’t mean that ultimately it wasn’t for your highest good. It’s hard to think this way when you’re in the middle of the mess, but there might be a time in the future when you look back and are thankful for how things turned out.

Try not to focus on the doors that are closing. Instead focus on all of the doors that you have yet to open! There are so many opportunities ahead of you if you’re willing to keep walking forward. <3

**As always, this reading is strictly informational and for your reading pleasure! It is not meant to be used as any sort of professional advice! Always listen to your own inner guidance!  🙂

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