October 2018 Oracle Card Reading

October 2018 Oracle Card ReadingA new month is here and that means it’s time to shuffle my oracle cards and see what’s coming our way! As you probably know, I don’t use these readings to try to predict the future. Instead, my goal is to get some guidance around how we can best navigate the month from a broader perspective.

I also share weekly oracle card readings in the Nourish + Shine Facebook group.

This month, I pulled 4 cards to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the overall theme for the month?
  2. What do we need to invite into our lives (what do we need more of) so that we can thrive this month?
  3. What do we need to let go of (what do we need less of) so that we can thrive this month?
  4. Is there any additional guidance that can help us this month.

(If you’re interested, I used The Psychic Tarot oracle deck by John Holland.)

Choose Wisely - October 2018 Oracle Card Reading


Card: Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely is our theme for October, which suggests that you may be presented with a big decision, or simply several ideas or projects that are all competing for your attention. It’s possible that you may even feel a little overwhelmed by everything that’s coming into your life right now.

Remember that you get to choose where you put your focus and this will determine how you feel about your life. Be careful of opinions around you that might make you feel like you “have” to do something. Just because other people have chosen to put their attention or focus on certain areas, doesn’t mean you have to. This applies to choosing your thoughts as much as your actions!

You have to make the best decisions for you. After all, you’re the one who has to live with the consequences or results of your choices. Consult your inner Wise Self and do what’s best for you!

Love Begins - October 2018 Oracle Card Reading

Card: Love Begins

This is a wonderful card all about new beginnings, happiness and positive emotions and feelings. The key to receiving this happiness of course, is that you have to be open to it. You have to invite positivity into your life and be willing to receive it.

This seems like an easy task…why wouldn’t you be open to happiness, joy & new opportunities? But in reality, we block our own happiness all the time by thinking that we aren’t worthy of it. (The next card will speak to this!)

This month, open your eyes to the joy that’s already in your life. I bet you have a lot more going for you than you sometimes are willing to see. Focus on what you already have and want more of. You also have to believe that you’re worthy of being happy. Remember that you deserve to live your dreams as much as anyone else does!

Mental Conflict - October 2018 Oracle Card Reading


Card: Mental Conflict

Just like I mentioned above, your own mind can sometimes be the biggest hurdle keeping you from experiencing joy in your life. You may doubt your own worth, doubt your abilities or doubt whether it’s even realistic to go after your dreams, especially when others around you seem to reflect the more negative thoughts and feelings.

Again, this comes down to choice: You can choose to continue thinking the way you’ve been taught and conditioned to think, or you can choose to observe and question your thoughts. You can choose to start thinking new thoughts. Even though the new thoughts might seem foreign or unrealistic at first, they will help to poke holes in old beliefs that just aren’t serving you.

Don’t expect to completely overhaul your beliefs at once. There are many layers that need to be uncovered. You also don’t need to try to force new beliefs that don’t feel like they fit yet. Instead, just start to ask questions. Refuse to believe something just because you always have or because people around you do. Question it! This makes way for new thoughts to enter and new beliefs to form.

Think of your belief system as a work-in-progress that is always being molded as you grow and have new experiences. It’s OK to change your mind and consequently change your beliefs!

Triumph - October 2018 Oracle Card Reading


Card: Triumph

We’re finishing strong this month with the Triumph card! This is a powerful and positive card, showing you that if you keep putting in the work, you will experience success.

Note that the word triumph suggests that you have achieved something or that you’ve been victorious. Victory doesn’t come unless you’ve experienced a battle first. For most of us, this has shown up as an inner battle this year. We’ve been ripping apart our belief systems and identities, and dealing with what may have felt like one challenge after another.

Thankfully we’re coming to the end of this challenging period. We’re not only seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but starting to feel it too. Don’t give up now!

Every challenge you’ve experience this year has made you wiser and stronger. Every struggle has shown you more about what you want to experience instead. Don’t see the challenges as failures or weakness. Instead recognize how you’ve grown. You’ve pushed through and you’re still standing! You’re a badass! 😉

If you’re not feeling triumphant yet, don’t worry! Keep your chin up and keep putting one foot in front of the next. Don’t forget to stop and recognize how far you’ve come! <3

**As always, this reading is strictly informational and for your reading pleasure! It is not meant to be used as any sort of professional advice! Always listen to your own inner guidance!  🙂

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