September 2018 Oracle Card Reading

September 2018 Oracle Card ReadingA new month is here and that means it’s time to shuffle my oracle cards and see what’s coming our way! As you probably know, I don’t use these readings to try to predict the future. Instead, my goal is to get some guidance around how we can best navigate the month from a broader perspective.

I also share weekly oracle card readings in the Nourish + Shine Facebook group.

This month, I pulled 4 cards to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the overall theme for the month?
  2. What do we need to invite into our lives (what do we need more of) so that we can thrive this month?
  3. What do we need to let go of (what do we need less of) so that we can thrive this month?
  4. Is there any additional guidance that can help us this month.

(If you’re interested, I used The Psychic Tarot oracle deck by John Holland.)

Passion Ignited Card


Card: Passion Ignited

The Passion Ignited card is the perfect way to kick off a new month. September often has a “new years” vibe to it with all of the back to school fall energy. This September is no exception. You’ll be feeling renewed and motivated to get back to business!

We actually had this card come up last month, but now it’s moved into the central theme for the month. If you’ve felt a little uninspired over the past few months, your energy and enthusiasm should start returning now. You might be inspired to do some organizing, cleaning & clearing out in order to make way for the new ideas and inspiration that will be coming your way.

Your creative energy and intuition will also be high, so pay attention to those ideas that are flowing to you. You may think of a creative way to overcome an obstacle that has been previously holding you back, or you might brainstorm a series of action steps towards a goal that has previously been somewhat unclear.

Overall, you’re going to feel a lot more excited and energized about the future than you’ve probably felt in a while.

Patience Card


Card: Patience

With all the new ideas and energy flowing, you’ll probably want to jump right into action (and you should!) But don’t get discouraged if things don’t change overnight! Change is coming, but you have to be patient.

Because you’re feeling a little clearer about your next steps, you might be tempted to just put your blinders on and get to work. This card is reminding us to stay open. Even while moving full steam ahead, remember to take some quiet time daily to check in with your intuition. Pay attention to the signs and synchronicities around you as well. Watch, listen and take it all in!

Try not to let any little challenges or obstacles dampen the new energy you’re experiencing. Trust that you’re on the right path, even if the results are taking a little longer than expected to show up.

Truth Card


Card: Truth

The Truth card confirms that like the Patience card suggested, it’s not going to be full steam ahead this month, despite the turn of energy. We still have some work to do. This will likely come in the form of a truth that we’ll have to face.

Your truth might be an old belief that is no longer serving you, a belief about yourself that is holding you back, or a painful experience that needs to be healed. This truth will probably become more apparent as you start taking action towards your goals. It may come up as an obstacle or a sudden fear that stops you in your tracks. It may even be something that you thought you already worked through…and yet here it is again.

Remember that we process and heal wounds and beliefs in layers. It’s not a straightforward or one-time process. Your awareness of this is key because it will allow you to have compassion for yourself and anyone else involved. The more you can get curious about the situation, your beliefs and your feelings and allow it all to surface, the easier it will be to move through it.

Obstacles & Challenges card


Card: Obstacles & Challenges

If you’ve been following my readings over the past few months, you’ve seen how the energy has been shifting. You’ve probably felt it yourself. We’ve moved through a lot of internal work and inner transformation.

September is the first month since June that we haven’t had a major arcana card as a final card. We moved through the Sacrifice card, the New Beginnings card, then finally the Transformation card. Now, it’s time to experience the results from all of that inner transformation.

As you can see from previous cards, as well as this final card, it’s unfortunately not all smooth sailing. Just because you’ve done the inner work, doesn’t mean it will be easy to follow through with the actions you need to take. Old patterns and habits are hard to break and you’ll likely have some new challenges pop up too (which is normal when you attempt something new!)

If you encounter unexpected roadblocks this month, it’s important to see them as opportunities to learn and grow, rather than a reason to shrink or turn back. A challenge (even if you created it yourself!) does not mean you’re on the wrong path! It also doesn’t mean that you’re not capable of reaching your goals. Challenges are simply part of life. Learn from the experiences and consider yourself wiser going forward.

Similar to last month, the way September feels for you will depend on the way you choose to see it. You can choose to see the possibilities and opportunities, deal with challenges as they come up, and be excited about the future, regardless of any setbacks. Or you can choose to feel like a victim and believe that nothing ever works out for you or that you don’t have what it takes.

We can’t always control our circumstances, but we can control our experience of them. It’s all a matter of your perception. How will you choose to see your experiences this month? <3


**As always, this reading is strictly informational and for your reading pleasure! It is not meant to be used as any sort of professional advice! Always listen to your own inner guidance!  🙂

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