Ever wished you could download an instruction manual from your soul?

I know I have!

While a full instruction manual is not possible –
a Soul Goals Reading is the next best thing.


Soul Goals Reading

If you’re feeling…

  • Stuck or unclear about how to actually live your purpose
  • Unsure about where to focus your time and energy
  • Unfulfilled in one or several areas of your life
  • Unable to trust any guidance you do receive from your intuition

This reading is for you!

A Soul Goals Reading will provide you with an objective look at where you’re at, along with insights that will help you bring your life into alignment with your purpose, all in a clear + actionable way.

There are two types of readings available. Here’s what’s included in each:

– Soul Goals Reading –

  • Opening message from your higher self + guides
  • Your current soul calling (who are you being called to become)
  • Any blocks that you will face as you step into your soul calling
  • Specific guidance in the following areas Health & Body, Relationships, Career, Finances, Self-Care, Creativity + Play, Personal Growth, Spirituality + Purpose.
  • What to prioritize over the next 6-12 months
  • What energy your soul wants you to embody
  • Any additional insights from your guides

This is a comprehensive reading that is only meant to be done every 6-12 months.

– Soul Steps Reading –

  • Opening message from your higher self + guides
  • What to invite in this month (specific action steps)
  • What to let go of this month (specific action steps)
  • What to prioritize this month (specific action steps)
  • What energy your soul wants you to embody
  • Any additional insights from your guides

This reading is meant to provide monthly guidance and support.

I conduct these readings using a combination of oracle cards (read about how I use oracle cards here) and channeled communication from your higher self + guides.

Each reading includes questions and prompts for reflection, as well as specific action steps. The readings are meant to provide guidance and support, while at the same time validating and confirming the intuitive nudges you’ve already been receiving.

My confidence + trust in my own intuition was strengthened by readings I received early in my intuitive journey, and my goal is to do the same for you!

To see a sample of a Soul Steps Reading, click here. A Soul Goals Reading follows the same format but includes additional information as stated above.

After receiving a Soul Goals or Soul Steps Reading you will:

  • Feel more connected to your deep desires & authentic nature
  • Have a clear sense of what to focus on going forward
  • Understand what steps to take to bring more alignment to your life
  • Have your own intuitive insights validated (and develop trust in your intuition!)
  • Feel supported as you move through life

I believe our purpose is to uncover who we at soul-level so that we can begin to live our lives in alignment with our true nature. Our soul is always whispering to us, guiding us towards experiences that will help us feel fulfilled.
I use the word “goals” in this reading, kind of tongue-in-cheek because our soul doesn’t necessarily have goals the way we do as humans. But the fact is, we humans love our goals! This reading is meant to bridge the gap between our soul’s desire for inner & outer alignment and our human need for a step-by-step action plan!

Ready to learn about your Soul’s Goals?

– Soul Goals Reading –

14 card reading as described above

Investment $440

– Soul Steps Reading –

6 card reading as described above

Investment $220

– Soul Goals Package –

(Soul Goals Reading + 5 monthly Soul Steps Readings + bonus mid-month check-in)

$220/mo for 6 months (save $220!)

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Enter your information into the contact form below. Remember to select the reading you wish to purchase.
  2. Once I receive your reading request, I will send you a PayPal invoice for the amount of the selected reading.
  3. Once your payment is processed, I will begin your reading. I do everything on my end, so you get to sit back & relax!
  4. Once I’m finished, I will e-mail your Soul Goals  or Soul Steps Reading as a PDF file that you can easily refer to over the next few months.

**Please allow up to 5 business days to receive your reading.**

Purchase a Soul Goals Reading

Soul Goals Reading ($440)Soul Steps Reading ($220)Soul Goals Package ($220/mo)

Have questions? E-mail me!

**Disclaimer: As always, this reading is informational and is not meant to replace professional advice of any kind. Always listen to your own inner guidance.