The truth about your life purpose

The Truth About Your Life Purpose

I spent years searching for my “purpose”. I completed personality and aptitude tests, devoured personal development books, went to psychics and worked with coaches. I wasn’t obsessed with finding my purpose, but instead it was like this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something was missing. I felt like I was supposed to be doing something….if only I knew what that was.

Everything that I explored and everything that I learned about what a life purpose is (and specifically what my life purpose was) helped a little bit. But I was never satisfied with the answers. Sometimes what I learned led to new insights and aha’s, but I still wasn’t certain about my purpose. I wasn’t sure if I could trust the information I was getting, or if it was really right or true for me.

I realized that what I really wanted was validation that I was on the right track. I just didn’t know how to get it.

Thankfully, I was able to find those answers for myself — but probably not in the way you would think. Although I learned a lot from all of the books, workshops and mentors that I had, it was really one reading that changed everything. It completely shifted my perspective of what a “life purpose” truly means.

I would even go so far as to say that I don’t believe that we have a life purpose anymore. At least not the way I used to believe in it.

Let me back up….

I used to believe that knowing my life purpose was the ultimate clarity. I wanted to believe that once I discovered my purpose, I would no longer suffer with confusion or uncertainty in terms of what steps to take in my life. I wanted to believe that my purpose was something to be uncovered – like a treasure waiting to be dug up – and that after enough digging, I would hit something and know unmistakably what it was.

I wanted to believe that if I kept asking questions, I would eventually get the answers I was looking for. I wanted to believe that when I finally uncovered my purpose, everything in my life would fall into place. I wanted to believe that living my purpose would bring me a sense of fulfillment.

As I dug deeper, I started to believe that the answer to living my purpose was to reconnect to my higher self. I wanted to believe that my intuition and my inner wisdom had all of the answers. I wanted to believe that if I just meditated long enough, or strengthened my intuition enough, I would find my way.

This turned out to be only part of the answer. Reconnecting to my inner voice has been (and still is) a significant part of my personal growth. Listening to my inner wisdom has led me to make some important choices in my life, but it hasn’t resulted in the lasting clarity I was looking for when it came to my purpose.

This leads me back to what finally allowed me to fully understand and embrace my purpose: A new definition of life purpose.

When I said that I don’t believe that we have a purpose, it’s because I believe that we are our purpose.

Our purpose is who we are at our core. It’s who we came here to be.

Our purpose is who we are underneath all the layers we’ve put over top of our true selves, whether for protection or for approval.

We don’t need to try to live our purpose. We just need to be true to ourselves and it will happen all on it’s own.

Now, I know being true to yourself is easier said than done, but I hope that knowing this gives you a greater understanding of your life purpose. I hope it allows you to stop searching and start living!

I’m so honored and grateful to be passing on what I’ve learned and helping my clients find the answers for themselves too.

If you would like to go deeper into exploring your purpose, I suggest signing up for my free workbook, 3 Questions to Find Clarity About Your Life Purpose (And why it isn’t what you think!), or booking a Divine You: Soul Clarity Reading.

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  • I love the truth that we don’t have to find or go searching for our purpose! Funny how we spend so much time in search of something that is here all along… all we have to do is open (which is easier said than done, right?).

    Great post!

    • Thank you Stacey! And yes, it is always easier said than done, right? It may be simple, but not necessarily easy. But definitely a shift in perspective. 😉

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