How to use visualization to create your ideal life

How to use visualization to create your ideal life

Thank you to everyone who joined me for Part 1 of Your Nourish + Shine Life Masterclass! If you missed it, I’m sharing a visualization exercise below that is directly from the masterclass, so read on!

Living a Nourish + Shine Life is all about reconnecting to your needs and desires, and making intentional choices every day that will nourish your body, mind & spirit.

When you choose to make nourishing yourself a priority, you can’t help but shine in your daily life.

As you reconnect with who you are, deep within you, you can begin to make choices that will align your life to your own gifts, preferences and personality. When you’re consciously bringing in more of what feels good and less of what doesn’t, everything feels smoother and more joyful. You’ll experience more flow, more ease, more fulfillment. You’ll feel clearer and more confident. You’ll begin to trust yourself again. You’ll trust your intuition. You’ll trust that it’s safe for you to express yourself and show up as you in the world.

Aligning your life with who you are on the inside is really the goal of intuitive + intentional living.

It’s what brings clarity, purpose and fulfillment to our lives. And it’s a missing piece for a lot of us!

When was the last time that you stopped to truly take a full audit of your life? Are you happy with your life now? Are you happy with the direction you’re going in?

Just bringing in this awareness of what feels good and what doesn’t and beginning to shift towards alignment in your life will make a huge difference in how you feel every single day.

Luckily, I have some great tools to help you bring that awareness and alignment into your life!

In Part 1 of Your Nourish + Shine Masterclass, we dove deep into the 5 questions that are essential for intentional living to help us create a vision for our ideal life. We examined all areas of our life to see what was working and what needed to change. We began to bring our vision to life in our minds through a visualization exercise.

If you missed the masterclass, you can still try this process for yourself!

How to use visualization to create your ideal life

  1. Set an intention
    Choose an intention for the visualization exercise. You can just hold it in your mind, or feel free to write it out in a notebook or journal.
  2. Get comfy.
    Find a comfortable and quiet spot to sit and relax. Take a few deep breaths and connect to your heartspace. Welcome in your Wise Self.
  3. Visualize one area of your life.
    Choose one area of your life to focus on. Close your eyes and begin to imagine:
    -What already feels good about this part of your life?
    -What needs to change in this area of your life?
    -What would you like to invite in to this area of your life?
    -What would it look like if this area of your life felt 100% in alignment with your true, authentic self?
  4. Journal about your experience.
    Come back to the present moment. Grab your journal or notebook and a cup of tea and ask yourself:
    -What were the differences between your visualization and your current life?
    -What do you think is the most important choice that you made in your visualization, that you’re not currently making in your life right now?
    Jot down anything that came up for you. Don’t be afraid to get specific about the small differences and details that you notice.

Feel free to complete this visualization exercise on different areas of your life. There might be some areas of your life that you will want to explore more than others.

What’s next?

Now that you have a clear vision of what your ideal Nourish + Shine Life looks like, it’s time to take action. Choose 3 priorities or 3 actions to focus on. What steps can you take today that will bring you closer to your vision? Remember baby steps count!

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