I work with clients who want to live a life that feels good from the inside out.


Whether you’re feeling stuck and need some guidance & direction to help you move forward,
or you need some reassurance & encouragement that you’re on the right path (plus someone to talk to who understands!) —


I want to help you gain the clarity + confidence to LIVE your purpose + LOVE your life!


Get started below!

Divine You: Soul Clarity Reading

What is it?

A special intuitive reading that will give you deep insight into who you are at soul-level and what your purpose is in this lifetime.

Is it right for you?

You’re looking for the clarity, confidence and validation that comes from knowing yourself at a deeper level. You’re reading to stop searching for your purpose and instead start living it!


Transformational Coaching

What is it?

A mix of guidance, support and accountability to help you explore what’s possible for you and take new and inspired action.

Is it right for you?

You’re ready to create change in your life, but you want to be able to check in with someone who can give you feedback, support and a gentle nudge when you need it.